Hi and welcome to Pakistani Erotica where we take you on a journey of discovery and provide you with a one stop solution to hot Pakistani and South Asian girls.

Pakistani Erotica is a small team that includes Pakistani and Indian girls, we hope to first and foremost be feeding you with a series of sexy stories from the perspective of Asian girls and boys about their naughty sexcapades.

We realise it's not always easy to find information about Pakistani, Indian and other Asian national adult stars. So we do all the hard work for you!

We'll be constantly updating this blog with hot stars, photo-shoots and videos for your entertainment.

Indulge in sex-stories featuring Pakistani men and women, single, married, players and the curious. As well as Pakistani, we will also do features and stories on other South Asian nationalities.

If reading about sexcapades doesn't fulfil you, then watch some of the clips that'll be featured on a regular basis featuring the hottest, sexiest desi stars from Lahore to Bangalore.

Whilst we will feature no nudity we hope you free you mind and let your imagination run wild, so stay-tuned and we're sure you'll come again... And again... And again. x

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